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  1. When was your last relationship?
  2. How long was your longest relationship?
  3. Why did your last relationship end?
  4. Ever been in a same-sex relationship?
  5. How old were you when you had your first relationship?
  6. Favourite thing about relationships?
  7. Who are you currently in a relationship with?
  8. Ever been in an open relationship?
  9. Ever had a one-night stand with a friend?
  10. Ever been in an abusive relationship?
  11. Do you have any sex toys?
  12. Ever masturbated with a vibrating phone?
  13. Ever stripped on webcam?
  14. Have you ever had text sex online?
  15. Have you ever masturbated while on the phone?
  16. Are you turned on by female-to-male transexuals?
  17. By male-to female?
  18. Futas?
  19. Nurses?
  20. Teachers/schoolgirls?
  21. Ever done self bondage?
  22. Ever go commando?
  23. Submissive or dominant?
  24. What colour panties are you wearing?
  25. What is your bra/penis size?
  26. What one word would describe you naked?
  27. What’s the largest thing which has been inside you?
  28. What’s your favourite colour lingerie?
  29. What’s your fetish?
  30. What’s your sexiest article of clothing?
  31. Would you fuck any followers?
  32. Ever done it cowgirl?
  33. Do you enjoy giving/getting blowjobs?
  34. Giving/getting fingered in in the front?
  35. Eaten out?
  36. Fingered in the back?
  37. Handjobs?
  38. Tit fucks?
  39. Do you enjoy role-play?
  40. Ever been bribed into sex, or done the bribing?
  41. Ever been cumshot or done cumshooting?
  42. Ever cheated?
  43. Ever fucked a friend’s relative?
  44. Ever fucked someone much older or younger?
  45. Ever had sex with a stranger?
  46. Ever had unprotected?
  47. Ever tried doggy?
  48. Ever woken up with a stranger?
  49. Favourite hole to fuck?
  50. Favourite hole to get fucked in?
  51. Have you ever experimented with the same sex?
  52. Have you ever had a sexy nickname?
  53. Have you ever had sex in a public place?
  54. Have you ever tried whipped cream in the bedroom?
  55. How old were you when you lost your anal virginity?
  56. How old were you when you lost your oral virginity?
  57. How old were you when you lost your virginity?
  58. Rough sex or smooth?
  59. Sex beneath the sheets or on top?
  60. Sex with the lights on or off?
  61. Ever done it stood up?
  62. What one word would describe the most pleasurable night you’ve had?
  63. What’s the weirdest place you’ve had sex?
  64. What’s your biggest sexual fantasy?
  65. What’s your favourite part of sex?
  66. What’s your favourite sexual position?
  67. When did you last have sex?
  68. Where do you like to be kissed most?
  69. Where do you like to be touched most?
  70. Where do you want to have sex the most?
  71. Are you turned on by gags?
  72. By ropes?
  73. Spanking?
  74. Tickling?
  75. Blindfolds?
  76. Collars?
  77. Caning or flogging?
  78. Do you role-play in the bedroom?
  79. Do you role-play outside the bedroom?
  80. Ever been tied up/done tying?
  81. Ever had hand prints after sex?
  82. Ever had lovebites?
  83. Nail marks?
  84. Ever tried BDSM?
  85. Ever done suspension bondage?
  86. Ever been a master/slave?
  87. Ever done face sitting?
  88. Ever done ice play?
  89. Ever fantasise about animals?
  90. About peeing?
  91. Puking?
  92. Shitting?
  93. Spitting?
  94. Ever have sex with animals?
  95. Ever pee or get peed on during sex?
  96. Ever played with hot wax?
  97. Ever puke or puked on during sex?
  98. Ever shit or shat on during sex?
  99. Ever spit or spat on during sex?
  100. Ever taken part in cock/tit torture?
  101. Have you ever roleplayed incest?
  102. Roleplayed life-threatening?
  103. Rape?
  104. Underage?
  105. Pick any two sex acts and I have to pick the one of them which I’d prefer.
  106. Ask me any question you want!

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